A little bit about me……

The ‘’story telling’’ began at an early age when I was told by my parents repeatedly that the irregular lines and blobs of colour on single sheets of paper were fine ‘’Works of Art’’ and every room in the house has to have at least one, maybe two. Well, I haven’t stopped, as rooms have yet to be filled!

I am still learning to paint and always will be. The lines are still uneven and the colours, still strong. The words of encouragement now come from my husband, teachers, friends and the wonderful people who I meet in the course of daily life. My paintings can easily be dubbed as an ongoing process of failure and achievement!

Colour, in its every shade, hue and medium holds a fascination for me. Nature does not have a preference on what colour goes where, so who are we to decide? The sky can be as blue, green, yellow, orange and red as the sand, the ocean and the cat’s eyes! Mother nature’s colour palette can be dull and vivid, matte and shiny, bright and pale all at the same time, all ever-changing and ever glorious.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts along with a diploma in Fabric painting and Interior Design. Water colour is what got me started, still dabble in acrylics but mostly enjoy working with the medium of oil due to its flexibility and a longer play time. Mixed media...for me, a marriage of acrylics and oil paints seem quite fun to work with every now and then.

I have also been painting on fabrics for the past 20 years and am still excited by the opportunity to learn new methods of fabric painting and printing. I am trained in basic Batik, Tie Dye and Block printing methods, having successfully completed various solo and joint projects with other artists for display and sale locally as well as abroad. So whether it be paper, canvas, wood or fabric, a brush, a spatula, tjanting or knife, the fun with colour remains the same!

Let me know if you have an empty wall or a lonely room! I also look forward to your comments and suggestions. ( While I continue with my lines and blobs, intending to paint happily ever after).

Thank you for visiting!!!